Edha can...

Discover the various features of Edha, become familiar with what it offers. From instant responses to medical questions and easy appointment scheduling to medication reminders and symptom checking, Edha has everything you need to stay on top of your health.

Edha can help you organize all
your medical needs,
appointments and records

With Edha, you can have a complete overview of your medical history, including information on your previous treatments, medications, and test results.

MedMatchNetTM - All your healthcare needs in one place

Healthcare With Whom You Choose When You Need It

Simplify your healthcare experience with MedMatchNet.TM Take control of your network of providers. Our platform connects you with top providers who accept your insurance and have the expertise to meet your specific needs.


Detachable medical card

MedMatchNet’s online medical card stores up-to-date patient health info, reduces errors, and enhances healthcare outcomes.


MedMatchNet app schedules appointments, accesses records, provides e-prescriptions, and easily connects with specialists.

Health Marketplace

Organize medical records, get opinions, find apps, and attend telehealth in a health marketplace.